The UK's best followed Foo Fighters tribute

Foo Fighters GB just celebrated the ten-year anniversary of its inception. Various line-up changes in that time have helped take the band from strength to strength and the next few years are going to be a busy and exciting time for the Foo Fighting five-piece.

Not wishing to be a caricature of the real thing, Foo Fighters GB is a tribute to the music of the Foos, aiming to create as authentic but honest a live show for the audience as possible. You’ll hear all the hits, but also some of the less-well-known deep cuts from the FF back catalogue to give fans a uniquely satisfying experience. And the audience is always invited to be a part of the show when the singalongs start!

Recently recruited singer John Roper is the band’s new Dave Grohl, playing, what else, but a DG335 signature Gibson guitar through a classic Vox AC30 amp for authenticity.

Lead guitarist Nathan Peach uses a Chris Shiflett signature Fender Telecaster and the massive Mesa Boogie sound to cut through with those searing solos.

Connor Croxford holds down the low end as Nate Mandell with the classic combination of P-Bass and Ashdown amplification.

Setting the band apart from most Foo Fighters tributes is Jim Freeman, standing in for the Foos’ own Rami Jaffee, with his ever-expanding collection of keyboards and samplers.

And last, but by no means least, it’s Russ Weller on drums. Only two Pink Gretsch USA Custom Kits have ever been made. Russ has one of them, the other belonged to the late, great Taylor Hawkins. Along with his custom Gretsch USA Bell Brass snare and Zildjian cymbals, the pursuit of that authentic Foo Fighters sound is complete.
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