The choice of KISS - The ULTIMATE Tribute to KISS

DRESSED TO KILL - Europe's first KISS tribute

The band goes to the nth degree in terms of attention to detail - ALL 4 members play in exact replica costumes, play authentic make and model or exact replica instruments (and have received endorsements from KISS' instrument manufacturers), and spend 2 hours before the show perfecting the look of their respective member - thats before spending the following 2 hours sounding, looking, and acting exactly like KISS (including the between-song chatter, in character and with authentic New Yorker accents). If that's not enough, in striving for complete authenticity, the 'Paul Stanley' in the band even has the 'trademark' rose tattoo on his shoulder...

No other KISS tribute in the world has done what DRESSED TO KILL has done - the following is a bullet-point snapshot of the band, and demonstrates their reputation, and ability to deliver an unrivalled lookalike, soundalike and actalike KISS tribute show:

  • The First KISS tribute band in Europe – established in the UK in 1990
  • The only KISS tribute to conduct extensive tours of clubs and theatres, and Festival headliners in the UK, Europe, Scandinavia & Japan
  • The only European KISS tribute to be engaged by KISS & their management/record companies to promote CD & DVD releases, and promote tours (since 1993)
  • Played a special show at The Marquee in London for Paul Stanley & Gene Simmons of KISS in 1994
  • The only KISS tribute in the world to be Invited by Gene Simmons of KISS to be featured performers on his tv shows 'Rock School' and ‘Family Jewels’
  • The 'Grand Finalé' of every KISS Convention in the UK (and numerous ‘Expo’s in Europe) since 1992
  • Joined onstage by current and past members of KISS: Peter Criss, Bruce Kulick, Mark St. John, & Eric Singer
  • Earned the praise of KISS’ original manager Bill Aucoin
  • Appearances on BBC1, Channel 4, MTV Headbangers Ball, and NHK
  • Rock mag Classic Rock called them "Better than Kiss!" – no other KISS tribute has ever been reviewed by Classic Rock
  • Rock mag Kerrang! review called them "The worlds top KISS tribute act!" – no other KISS tribute has ever been reviewed by Kerrang!
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